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If you want to become a trader, it is important to know what a trader is! Being a trader is first and foremost a job, someone who invests funds in different financial markets and who tries to make them profitable. The trader must follow the economic news, pay close attention to the sectors in which he has invested his money and equip himself with numerous tools and software that allow him to follow in real time the global financial evolution.

Obviously, this is a portrait of the expert trader. However, anyone who makes investments, even if it is not his primary business, his main source of income and even if it is only a hobby, can be defined as a trader. And then, even if you aspire to become an expert trader, there is a start to everything. Visit to get all the required information in this.

If you want to learn about trading, you just need to understand the concepts that follow. Indeed, the binary option is already a form of trading in itself, even if it seems basic, and it can pay a lot. So many traders never invest in binary options, and they are doing very well.

Become a trader

Historically, the stock market was the place where the main commercial exchanges of a city were held. A merchant could come there to sell his goods or other resources, and there were always customers who were eager to find the rare pearl or acquire the latest novelties.

Over time and especially the advent of technology, the stock market is gradually an area where companies sell shares of their activities – called shares, where we evaluate these actions and where we calculate the financial reports between different States of the world, resulting in the calculation of currencies.

Any investment is not necessarily on the stock market! You can very well invest money in real estate without going public. However, the binary options, they are contracted on the stock market. But, it is not necessary to know all the backstage of the stock market to invest in binary options.

The Market

A market is the specific place where financial transactions are done. If the stock market is a domain (we talk about the stock market in general), the market (in the market sense of the term) is a place, an establishment where are gathered the computers, the analysts and the experts who are interested in the stock Exchange.

  • The five largest markets in the world are New York, Tokyo, Sydney, London and Paris. The CAC 40, which includes the 40 most important companies, are listed and evaluated permanently in Paris.
  • Knowing the different global markets is not important when investing in binary options, for the simple reason that you will never have to travel to one of these 5 big cities to invest.