Online Reputation Management

In simple words, online reputation management  is all activities related to the management of your brand’s reputation on the internet. It covers not only social media, but also Google, pages with articles, blogs, etc.  It consists of three main areas:



Monitoring, or tracking of what is written on the web about the brand. Remember that people can comment on your brand not only on your profiles, but also describe them on their blogs, comment on articles (even on a completely different topic) or write on their profiles in social media. Without monitoring, you will not be able to learn about many things that you write about your company.


Brand building (prevention)


If you do not create content about your brand, it will be difficult to defend yourself against any negative opinions, because the only content people will be able to learn about will be the ones that are negative. That is why it is so important in the process of taking care of the reputation to create content before something negative happens.


Remember that in the area of ​​reputation, not only the name of your brand is important, but also all the names around: your surname (or chairman / board / owner, etc.), sub brands, product names, names of “popular” employees (eg PR Spokesperson or a known expert), online nicknames, etc.


Check the use of the name


Using tools such as, you can check if someone has registered a social account or domain using your brand name. I am not an advocate of stating the name only so that someone else could not do it, especially if we do not intend to run a given channel, but it’s worth following if someone is impersonating us. Also, do not forget what time you go.


Create a blog


Running a blog is a great way to dominate the top search results related to your brand. A well-optimized blog for SEO can bring not only sales or image-related benefits to help you look after the brand’s reputation. In a situation where there are any negative texts positioning in Goolge, the blog will also help in their deposition.