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To maintain a constant drug remission, and to prevent a possible breakdown at the time of drug treatment, pharmacological indices of the drug Naltrexone Hydrochloride are usually used, it is a direct antagonist of opiates. It is a synthetic drug that easily blocks the effect of injected narcotic compounds of the opiate series due to the competitive binding of opiate receptors in the brain, which is responsible for euphoria after taking a psychoactive drug. The drug allows drug addicts to maintain sobriety after the basic medical measures are completed.

Features of addiction

For a drug addict is a physiological need to take a regular dose of drugs. The course of biochemical processes in the patient’s body is therefore such that the absence of a new dose causes a break-up, or, in other words, an abstinence syndrome. The great rehab program offers you the best deals there.

Why does the body respond in this way? This condition is due to the fact that narcotic substances contribute to the production in large quantities of endorphin, dopamine, serotonin, which are called “hormones of happiness.” After a certain time, the brain gets used to the fact that the stimulation constantly comes, and stops the independent production of these hormones.

Thus, when the drug ceases to enter the body, there is a so-called withdrawal syndrome, in other words – breaking. The person suffering from drug addiction has pain, he is in a state of deep depression, feels a general weakness. If a person refuses drugs, after a while the natural production of endorphins is restored. But, with the first relapse, the process of drug addiction is launched again.

Physical dependence

When the drug is consumed, the substance participates in the metabolic process. But the peculiarity is that a person cannot control the need for a drug. This is beyond his will, for example, as a cough or sore throat during a cold does not depend on the desire of the patient. It is only necessary to stop access to the body of the substance, it experiences a powerful stress, there is a sharp malfunction. The organs stop functioning normally, and empty receptors require a new dose.

Treatment of addiction

In modern medicine there are ways, and abstinence is eliminated. But the problem is that very often drug addicts and their relatives perceive such a temporary impact on the cure. Sometimes experts believe the same. Huge hopes are placed on such treatment, considerable sums are spent, but as a result all is in vain. Of course, the patient safely transfers the breakage, and then in a fairly short time everything returns to the previous stage.

How can such a phenomenon be explained?

The condition of the addict is due to the fact that a person acquires not only physical dependence on drugs, but also a stable psychological need to return to the state of drug intoxication. Similar signs are also a manifestation of the disease. But the main thing that patients and their relatives should know is that such aspirations are not at all a bad habit, or a sign of a bad tone. Drug addiction is an insidious disease that takes away human lives, and its treatment must be approached with full seriousness and responsibility.