The important problem of customization — to create confidence that solutions bring satisfaction after easily managed adjusting. Try this one as an option to see how the customizable app should look like. A number of experts consider customization nearly an ideal of the interaction between the supplier and consumer. It attracts not only due to the ethical orientation but also due to an opportunity to receive a financial benefit, thanks to the higher value of the customized decision the client gets a competitive advantage.

Often customization is perceived as the very expensive procedure. Besides, there is an opinion that not everyone as its cost is too high is able to afford individualization of production. Someone also considers that this service in itself is only intended to create visibility of giving of bigger value for the customer while its prime function — receiving the maximum profit by the producer.

In the conditions of fierce competition the market is sated with similar products, but at the same time, each of them possesses unique characteristics. At the choice of this or that decision the customer tries to find optimum, most corresponding to his requirements. Often occur among criteria of the choice such as technological effectiveness, quality, terms of deliveries and, undoubtedly, cost. In addition, also the commitment to a certain trademark, popularity, successful experience of introduction and other factors are considered. Often, as a result, it is necessary to make the choice between the search of an optimal solution among, conditionally, the standardized products and create unique, made for the solution of a specific, private objective and having the maximum efficiency.

As it was told earlier, large players of the IT market are able to afford creation absolutely new, innovative, and at times even the revolutionary decision while most of the owners of corporate computer centers have no such opportunities. However, as the corresponding need has appeared, some production companies are guided in the business by private projects and the development of unique products for a task or the project.